Economic Contribution of the U.S. Battery and Recycling Industry

For Battery Council International (BCI), EDR Group (now EBP) measured the national economic contribution of the U.S. lead battery industry.

The analysis was conducted using an economic impact model called IMPLAN. A survey was used to collect data including annual employment and payroll information from 17 Battery Council International (BCI) member companies supporting direct jobs in 38 states. Survey results were added across companies to yield state-level activity that was put into a national IMPLAN model. Impact results were presented in terms of jobs, labor income, gross domestic product, output, and tax revenue conducted a follow-up study on the economic contribution of the lead battery industry in the U.S. and California. BCI’s members consist of lead-acid battery manufacturers, recyclers, and mining companies. EBP facilitated a member survey to collect annual direct employment counts from member firms within these product lines and used IMPLAN to estimate broader economic and tax revenue impacts.

The findings demonstrate the economic benefits lead battery manufacturers and recyclers provide to thousands of American workers and their communities. Cumulatively, industry workers earn $6 billion annually in livable wages that provide access to the middle class, regardless of workers' education level. Relative to other industry sectors, employees of the lead battery industry earn high salaries. On average, salaries among mining and recycling employees reached $98,100 while manufacturing employees saw salaries of $64,000.