Kansas DOT-2021 Scoring for Project Selection

EBP supported Kansas DOT (KDOT) as they refined and implemented their biannual project scoring and prioritization process. EBP was tasked with supporting KDOT in updating the economic scoring for Expansion Projects and applied the refined methodology to the 2021 project list. Over 60 projects were developed and scored under the economic criteria in 2021.

EBP and KDOT identified the best sources of performance data to characterize intended outcomes of these projects. This included working with modeling staff at the Mid-America Regional Council in St. Louis to develop and post-process travel demand model (TDM) scenario runs, as well as coordinating with KDOT staff to run travel demand model scenarios for Wichita, Topeka, Flint Hills TDMs. Other project data were developed by using sketch-planning engineering analysis. Performance data were input into TREDIS to develop economic scores including traveler benefits, project B/C ratios, and GRP impacts.

EBP worked with KDOT to identify  refinements to the economic scoring for implementation in this round  of scoring as well as potential further improvements for consideration in subsequent rounds. These include indicators to capture the importance of key frieght corridors and to prioritize investments in economically disadvantaged areas.