Michigan Long-Range Transportation Plan 2045

For Michigan DOT, EBP (formerly EDR Group) is part of the team developing the 2045 State Long-Range Transportation Plan (SLRTP), which includes the state freight, rail and comprehensive multi-modal plans. The 2045 SLRTP will incorporate scenario elements for policy-based, vision-based, needs-based, fiscally realistic, and strategic directions.

The first phase provided research and process guidelines for development of the plan, with stakeholder engagement. EBP  was responsible for leading the reviewing socioeconomics trends and forecasts to be used for long-range scenarios, and for providing the approach to be used in assessing the economic benefits for initiatives to be recommended by the plan. EBP has also been working with team members to identify trends in commodity movements and trade flows as part of the rail and freight components of the plan.

To support future scenario development, EBP is providing key support for identification of activity centers and statewide corridors of significance, as well as preparing reviews of best practices and tools for scenario planning. EBP is also providing insights into the impact of new technologies and resilience planning tasks in support of these new and innovative elements of the statewide plan. Phase 2 will involve evaluating alternative scenario approaches with technical analysis and recommendations.