Ohio DOT Economic Impact Model

For Ohio Dept. of Transportation, EDR Group (now EBP) created a custom economic impact capability that is embedded in the Ohio Statewide Model. 

This capability enables use of the TREDIS economic modeling tool to incorporate economic impact analyses within Ohio DOTs statewide transportation planning model system.  This capability is implemented as a delivered program, running on Ohio DOT’s servers, incorporating extensive economic and forecasting databases. 

The Economic Impact Model (EIM) is automatically launched by the Statewide Model and using the inputs provided, calculates the employment, wages, productivity, and business output impacts due to the transportation project, and automatically returns these results back to the model.  

Initially implemented in 2014 and continuing through 2020, EDR Group has been providing updates to the EIM, keeping it a relevant part of the Ohio Statewide Model.  


Client: Ohio Dept. of Transportation