Oregon Congestion and Resiliency Study

For the Portland Business Alliance and Port of Portland, EDR Group (now EBP) undertook a statewide analysis of the economic impacts of congestion on Oregon’s economy. 

The study examined the potential effects of failure to make timely investments in correcting known bottlenecks, choke points, and safety improvements for the entire transportation system. EDR Group examined these effects on both residential (commuter) and business (freight) users.  The completed study also emphasized the economic impacts associated with the freight transportation system and its influence on business development, productivity, and competitiveness.  In addition, it addressed the resiliency of the transportation system to disruptions caused by congestion, lack of investment in key corridors serving freight-dependent industries, and natural disasters that could potentially result in long-term failure of key elements of the state’s transportation infrastructure.  This study is an update of an earlier assessment of the costs of congestion for the Portland Metropolitan area and the State of Oregon.