Transformational Technologies and Equity

For the Transportation Research Board's (TRB's) Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP), EBP (formerly EDR Group) is part of a team supporting the development of a playbook for addressing equity in access to transformational technologies, such as ridesourcing, ridesharing, and micromobility. 

The team conducted a gap analysis that identified underserved populations and quantified the size and overlap of underserved populations, including low-income people, people with disabilities, people of color, and older adults. Additionally, EBP conducted a series of interviews to understand barriers to access for different population groups and existing and potential solutions for addressing these barriers. In the second phase of the project, the team will lead scenario analysis of technology use cases and inclusion methods and estimate the impacts of different scenarios on performance metrics. Finally, the firm will integrate the population, barrier, and performance analyses into an interactive playbook for state and local transportation planners and providers.