Innovative Revenue Sources: A Guide for Airports

While some large airports obtain sufficient operating revenues from user-generated fees, many others actively require additional sources of funding.  To address this need the Transportation Research Board's, Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) sponsored a study of opportunities for airports to obtain revenues from non-traditional sources, and a guide for airports to adopt them. The team of Kramer Aerotech and EDR Group (now EBP) was selected to conduct the study. 

The study identified a range of options featuring non-aviation revenue sources.  EDR Group led the analysis of opportunities for airports to employ innovative land value capture techniques. This included land and energy resource development contracts, developer risk/revenue sharing, business improvement districts, and public-private partnerships. EDR Group's role was to examine each of the value capture techniques and assess how it could be converted into revenue streams for airports.

The end product was a guide for airport managers and sponsors. The guide lays out a series of innovative revenue strategies, and each one describes implementation techniques and examples.  It was published as ACRP Report 121.