Florida Statewide Aviation Economic Impact Study

To understand how Florida’s 129 public-use airports contribute to the economy, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Aviation and Spaceports Office commissioned a 2019 Statewide Aviation Economic Impact Study. This study evaluates the impact of the state’s aviation system within each of FDOT’s seven regional districts and on Florida’s economy, and supports strategic planning and funding decisions at the state level. 

As part of a team, EBP (formerly EDR Group) was the technical lead for the Study in developing the methodological approach (Phase I) and in applying that approach for airports across the state (Phase 2). The Study communicates the quantitative impact of aviation activities through jobs, payroll (including wages, benefits, and profits), and output. Study outcomes inform statewide planning efforts, and deliverables are a tool the FDOT and airports can use to communicate the value of airports and aviation to local communities, districts, and Florida state. EBP applied a multi-regional economic impact model, profiling airports in their regional contexts and calculating the economic contributions of each airport in its District and in the rest of Florida. The Study also highlights airport benefits through qualitative case studies that describe real-life examples of how the aviation industry impacts Florida’s businesses and communities developed by EBP and its partners.