Massachusetts Energy Conservation Series Evaluation Report

By Glen Weisbrod and K. McElroy. Prepared by Hagler Bailly Consulting with Economic Development Research Group, for the Massachusetts Department of Economic Development, Division of Energy Resources, 1997

Economic Benefits and Options for Residential Energy Efficiency

In this age of energy competition and deregulation, what is the role of a statewide energy conservation program? That was the question confronting the Massachusetts statewide Energy Conservation Service (Mass ECS) program, one of the few remaining statewide low income energy conservation programs in the nation.

The Mass ECS program was originally set up to provide home energy audits, contractor arranging, financing options and energy efficiency program referrals. To examine its relevancy today, and to consider options for its future, the Massachusetts Division of Energy Resources contracted for an economic assessment of the program. The study was directed by Glen Weisbrod, who started the project for Hagler Bailly Consulting (now PA Consulting) and completed the report through its subcontract to Economic Develoment Research (EDR) Group.

The evaluation included assessment of the technologies and methods used, the efficacy of the statewide implementation and funding processes, state/utility relationships and documentation of impacts. Special attention focused on the relevance and design of the state's program in light of emerging competition in response to electric industry restructuring.

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