Michigan State Airport System Plan (2016 Update)

As part of developing the new State Aviation System Plan (SASP) for the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Office of Aeronautics, EBP (formerly EDR Group) updated Michigan's Aviation System Plan.

EBP developed a county-based air cargo analysis, accounting for incoming and outgoing domestic and international shipments by commodity, weight, and value.  The cargo analysis included key domestic and international cargo markets and long-term projections. EBP also updated the Community Benefits Assessment Model initially developed by the firm in 2003 for MDOT to enable analyses of the contributions of Michigan airports to regional and statewide economies.  The revisions included changing the format and model structure, adding a tax module, and inserting fields for qualitative reporting.  EBP also developed survey instruments, monitored data collection, and reviewed data to assure quality control.